Pompelo is an affirmation of life – a celebration of childhood – of kids’ innocence and optimism, their need to learn and play comfortably and confidently. That’s why Pompelo was born: to be there for kids no matter what wherever they are, come rain or shine, peace or war. It’s this mission that gave Pompelo its true meaning and purpose. It all began in Syria in 2011, around the time war was brewing and putting kids at risk.
Because kids have a right to their childhood, because they deserve to experience joy in every area of their lives, and apparel is one of them, That’s why we created Pompelo. To celebrate what childhood is all about…those special memories…that first time your kids ride a bike, swim across the pool, or bring their best friend home – Pompelo is with them every step of the way.
Supporting the development of happy, healthy kids is at the heart of everything we do. The result? Outfits that embody the pride and dreams of every parent for their kids.

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Pompelo was launched in 2015, It is manufactured in Egypt (by Kaian Textiles. ) but was conceived in Syria (by Kaian Textiles mother company Radwan Textiles). Radwan Textiles has been designing children’s clothing for the past 30 years. It has manufactured, under license from European brands, and traded in, all types of ready-to-wear apparel. Its experience with renowned European brands owes to its stringent production standards.
When Radwan Textiles began working on a children’s apparel brand of its own, it entrusted its subsidiary (RD International trading.) with manufacturing that brand. The Group wanted their brand to be a way of life for families, an integral part of childhood. The seed was planted, and Pompelo began to grow. It was launched in Syria with 12 flagship stores and Egypt With 5 flagship sotres and others soon to open in the region.



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