Franchise Terms


The Opportunity

No Upfront Cost

All you need to do is demonstrate you have access to funds that cover the cost of running your business for the first 3 months

Fully Established Stores

Your store comes fully stocked, staffed and ready to go so you can hit the ground running from day one.

We’ve got you covered

We let you focus on hitting your targets and managing your team – everything else is covered by us.


How we’ll help you grow

Quality training

You’ll go on a 2-day franchise finance course before you sign on the dotted line, where you’ll learn how to build your Business Plan and how to monitor your business performance.

Hit the ground running

You’ll spend one month shadowing a store manager who’ll provide you with everything you need to know to be able to run your own store.

Recruiting the best talent

You’ll already have a fully experienced team of staff from day one and should you ever need to recruit more staff, our recruitment team will provide you with extensive support.


Branding and marketing

In-store marketing collateral and POS will be provided to you free of charge and sent directly to the store – all you need to do is implement it using the e-instructions provided to you on a monthly basis.


You don’t ask for any money up front, what’s the catch?

There’s no catch. We simply want to provide entrepreneurs with their time to shine. As long as you can demonstrate access to funds that cover the cost of running your business for the first three months then this is all you need financially. If you don’t have enough funds, we are recognised by major banks who are familiar with our franchise model and will be happy to discuss a bespoke arrangement with you.

How long is the franchise agreement?

Each franchise agreement differs depending on the term of the store’s lease.

How many stores can I have?

You can get up to three stores (subject to availability), but most of our Partners start with one or two and expand once they are up and running.

How much money can I make as a Pompelo partner/franchisee?

On average, you could earn between 30-40%

Who employs my staff?

You do. You will be responsible for managing all your staff. Pompelo Recruitment Team will provide full support with recruiting new staff members.

Do I need to have a retail background to become a Partner?

Retail experience is an advantage but not essential. However, we do require you to have some knowledge of the retail industry.

Do I need to become a limited company?

Yes, in order to become a Partner/Franchisee, you will need to create a limited company to operate from. This will happen once you have completed the assessment, but before we start commercial negotiations.

Will I have to quit my full time role to become a Partner/Franchisee?

Yes, we expect being a Partner/Franchisee to be your full time job. As you are responsible for your own success, we anticipate you will want to be at the forefront of everything your company does.



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